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Bespoke PowerDim

Bespoke PowerDim

  • Lifetime Labour Warranty
  • Standard Manufacturer’s warranty on parts
  • Robust & designed for the rigours of touring
  • Easy to Service
  • Leading manufacturer’s parts used so easily replaceable
  • Powder Coated 2mm Mild Steel
  • Screen Printed
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The 24Way PowerDim is another key member of the PowerDim range, packed with even more features than its two younger siblings! As well as the Wieland ST17/2 Patch facility (GST18 Patch facility available on request), the 24Way boasts 2 x LSC GenVI Dimmer Modules instead of one meaning it is able to cope with larger shows. Although only 14U, there is still space for your show accessories inside the same flightcase (as illustrated in the photos with a GSL 1U 8Way Buffer Box and 1U LED Rack Light). There are 24Ways of Hot Power available all with individual 30mA protection on top of the 24Ways of Dimming or Hot Power on the market leading LSC 12ch GenVI Dimmer Module which already comes with each individual channel 30mA RCD protected (visit http://www.lsclighting.com/products/dimmers/genvi-dimmer for more details).

The 24Way PowerDim has every Output individually 30mA RCD protected. It comes with 12 x Socapex Outputs all of which are patchable (with the Hot Power Patch highlighted with red screen print). To complete this 24Way PowerDim there are also 3 x 16A SP 30mA RCBOs protecting 9 x Wieland ST17/2 Outputs (3 per phase) for additional Hot Patching. There is also 1 x 16A 1ph Output on the rear protected by 1 x 16A SP 30mA RCBO (wired in parallel with 3 x Wieland on phase 1) and 1 x 32A 3ph Output protected by 1 x 32A 4P 30mA RCBO. Finally there is an internal trailing IEC Output protected by a 6A SP MCB for any accessories (such as the GSL 1U 8Way DMX Splitter Box) and a hard wired trailing IEC if a 1U LED Rack Light is required. There is a 2U space at the top of the distro on the front for these items to be slid into (as seen in the photo above). If you would like your PowerDim to come with these accessories already fitted, please contact GSL who will be able to offer a discount when all purchased together.

The 24Way is built into a quality 14U Flightcase with wheels + brakes on the bottom and comes with 125A 3ph Panel Mount Input (or with Powerlocks or 63A 3ph upon request). The metalwork is powder coated black, stoved to a matt finish and fully screen printed. At an affordable price, with full individual 30mA Earth Leakage Protection, and a market leading dimmer module, the 24Way Patchable PowerDim is a product that will appeal to large companies, small companies and individuals alike, and can be personalised with your company logo upon request. Wieland ST17/2 Patch Leads are also available on request.


Product Guarantee Parts = Manufacturers guarantee; Labour = Lifetime!
19” Rack Mountable N/A – 19” built into a flightcase
Truss Mountable No
Height (mm) 14U + flightcase on wheels = 81cm
Width (mm) 19” + Flightcase = 54cm
Depth (mm) 90cm (67.5cm without lids)
Weight (kg) Approx. 89kg
Material N/A
Finish Metalwork powder coated black
Screen print Yes (on metalwork)
Customer Logo No – Available on request
Flightcase Included Yes (14U on wheels with brakes)
Power Cable 125A 3ph Panel Mount Input included (Pwlk available)
Other Cable Wieland ST17/2 Patch Leads available on request

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